• nterprise unicorns have become one of the most sought-after investments.
  • These high-growth firms offer tremendous potential for returns, making them attractive to investors.

Over the past few years, the adoption of blockchain technology has been on the rise. A growing number of businesses are exploring its potential for their operations. While many people associate blockchain with crypto, the technology has far-reaching applications. Several enterprise unicorns have received investments from blockchain coinvestors. According to BanklessTimes.com, more than half of enterprise unicorns have been financed by blockchain coinvestors.

Jonathan Merry, CEO of BanklessTimes:


The trend of blockchain coinvestments in enterprise unicorns is a reflection of the growing interest in these high-growth firms. As technology continues to evolve, businesses want to tap into the potential that comes with investing in startups and venture capital firms. Furthermore, blockchain projects provide investors with an opportunity to access new markets and capitalize on opportunities that other investors may not be aware of.


BanklessTimes CEO, Jonathan Merry

Reasons for investment in Enterprise Unicorns

Blockchain coinvestors are investing in Enterprise Unicorns due to several reasons. These companies have a high growth potential and are often disruptors in their respective industries. By investing in these companies, Blockchain coinvestors can gain huge returns.

Besides, Enterprise Unicorns are integrating into Blockchain technology to improve their operations. Blockchain enhances the security and transparency of their systems. Blockchain coinvestors are typically well-versed in this technology. So, they provide valuable insights and support to these firms in their integration efforts.

Investing in Enterprise Unicorns diversified investment portfolios for Blockchain coinvestors. They can mitigate their investment risks by investing in a range of high-growth companies. In addition, investing in Enterprise Unicorns can establish strategic partnerships with these companies.

Statistics of investment by Blockchain Coinvestors in Enterprise Unicorns

Blockchain coinvestors have been increasingly investing in Enterprise Unicorns in recent years. The cumulative valuation of these unicorn businesses, which has grown to $682 billion, represents a record high for the Crunchbase Unicorn Index at $3.8 trillion.

The report identified several Blockchain coinvestors who have actively invested in Enterprise Unicorns. These include Digital Currency Group, Blockchain Capital, and Pantera Capital.

Digital Currency Group has invested in over 25 countries in the Blockchain and crypto industry. Blockchain Capital has invested in over 130 companies and has 12 funds.

Blockchain coinvesters have emphasized finance and payments, infrastructure, and healthcare. Pantera Capital and Dragonfly have received investments from Blockchain coinvestors.

These statistics demonstrate the growing trend of Blockchain coinvestors investing in Enterprise Unicorns. As Blockchain technology continues to gain prominence, there will be more investment in high-growth companies.

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