The report published today by technology advisory and investment firm GP Bullhound, Autotech: The Mother of All Tech Battles, reveals M&A activity in autotech across Europe, Asia and North America has steadily increased in the last few years, reaching a record 166 transactions in 2018, up from 140 the previous year.

Though Europe was the most active market worldwide for M&A transactions in 2018 (39% of total number of deals), Asia Pacific and North America lead in terms of deal value – with 72% and 21%, respectively.

The new report also reveals that technology giants such as Google, Intel, Tesla and Uber are challenging established automotive firms when it comes to innovation in autonomous driving, connected cars, electric vehicles, and shared mobility solutions.

With Tesla on track to outsell both BMW and Mercedes-Benz in the US and several global automakers issuing recent profit warnings, the automotive industry is facing unprecedented disruption from emerging and established technology firms keen for a slice of the action.

How can Europe’s autotech firms achieve scale in order to compete with the biggest players in the industry? Which established and emerging companies are currently disrupting the sector? Who might win, or loose, in the battle between global tech giants and the traditional automobile manufacturers?


Article en version française: Le marché de l’Autotech, un défi technologique pour les géants de l’automobile – par GP Bullhound

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