The data analysts at Fair Betting Sites have crunched the Twitch streaming numbers from Streams Charts over the past month to come up with a few key insights.

The number of Twitch viewers and channels increased for the second consecutive month in February 2023

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Check out the highlights from the data below:

  • Average Twitch channels jump by 5% in February 2023
  • Average Twitch viewers rise again by 2% after a strong January
  • Peak Twitch Channels skyrocket by 34% to most since December 2021
  • Average Twitch viewers (11.4%) and total hours watched (-15.5%) see YoY declines
  • Active Twitch Channels are up 19.2% YoY

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Average Twitch Channels Jump By 5% In February 2023

The average number of Twitch channels grew by 5% month-over-month in February 2023, a sign that the online streaming platform is still in a healthy place.

There were an average of 102,491 Twitch channels online last month, the highest mark since February 2022.

The average number of Twitch channels has grown or stayed the same for five straight months.

Peak Twitch Channels Skyrocket By 34% To Most Since December 2021

The peak number of Twitch channels online at one time also increased by 34% in February 2023.

Despite strong growth numbers in January, the peak channels came in at only 155,210.

However, there was a peak of 207,940 channels online in February, the most since December 2021.

Average Twitch Viewers Rise Again By 2% After Strong January

The number of active Twitch viewers continued to rise in February, jumping from 2.55 million to 2.6 million, an increase of 2%.

Prior to January 2023, the average number of Twitch viewers had dropped or stayed the same for four consecutive months.

Despite the encouraging news, the numbers are still down considerably compared to a year ago.

Average Twitch Viewers (-11.4%) And Total Hours Watched (-15.5%) See YoY Declines

The number of active Twitch channels has dropped 8% since January but those numbers are still up 19.2% year-over-year.

The average number of Twitch viewers dropped 11.4% compared to February 2022.

Similarly, the number of hours watched has dropped by 15.5% YoY.

Active Twitch Channels Up 19.2% YoY

The number of active Twitch channels dropped for the first time in three months in February.

Overall, the number of active Twitch channels declined 8% month-over-month, dropping from 5.07 million to 4.69 million in February 2023.

Still, that number is up a healthy 19.2% year-over-year.

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