The new partnership offers big health insurance benefits to Ohio small businesses and sole proprietors, as well as companies up to 500 employees

CINCINNATI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Effective Aug. 1, 2023, the Cincinnati Regional Chamber, in partnership with Medical Mutual, is offering an expanded ChamberHealth program to provide its member businesses – small, medium and large – with premium health insurance coverage. The new partnership is another high-quality addition to the Cincinnati Chamber’s suite of cost-saving programs that save members money on everyday expenses and business necessities through group buying power.

“After months of research and vetting on potential healthcare partners, it was obvious that Medical Mutual was absolutely the right choice for us and our members,” said Thomas Deere, Vice President of Sales & Engagement, Cincinnati Chamber. “They have the health coverage know-how to serve our members well, and they have a deep commitment to the Cincinnati region, just like we do. We’re excited to extend our ChamberHealth offering to more businesses through this partnership.”

Helping Employers and their Employees along their Health Journeys through a Premium Health Insurance Option with Big Benefits

Cincinnati Chamber member companies with 50 or fewer employees will be served through the COSE Benefit Plan, a multiple employer welfare arrangement (MEWA) that currently provides health coverage to more than 8,000 small businesses. Medical Mutual partners with the Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE) to offer the COSE Benefit Plan to chambers across Ohio, now including the Cincinnati Chamber. Cincinnati Chamber member companies with 51 to 500 employees can also take advantage of custom wellness programs and premium tax savings through this partnership.

Coverage options available to Cincinnati Chamber member companies in Ohio include traditional copay plans and high-deductible plans with health savings accounts (HSA).

Prescription drug coverage, wellness programs, dental and vision coverage, life and disability plans, indemnity plans, and stop-loss coverage to protect businesses from large financial losses are also available. Identity theft resolution and remediation services are offered at no additional cost. All plans include access to Medical Mutual’s award-winning, Ohio-based customer service to answer questions and assist members with their healthcare needs.

Providing Small Businesses and Sole Proprietors Access to Healthcare Coverage Typically Reserved for Large Employers

Through ChamberHealth, small businesses and sole proprietors – a first for the ChamberHealth program – can partake in a self-funded insurance plan. Being self-funded has many benefits.

  • The ability to keep costs low since MEWAs are not subject to some of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) mandated benefits and taxes.
  • The cost of benefits reflects the unique health of the company and its employees, recognizing that a healthier team should create a better benefits cost outcome.
  • All benefit options are tied to Medical Mutual’s large network of doctors and hospitals, including TriHealth, the Christ Hospital Health Network, and Mercy Health

“Medical Mutual is excited to be a strategic partner with the Cincinnati Chamber to offer their members benefits and programs that help employers keep their businesses running and help employees live healthier,” said Dan Polk, Medical Mutual Vice President, Sales. “To us, small business doesn’t mean small benefits.”

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About Medical Mutual

Founded in 1934, Medical Mutual is the oldest and one of the largest health insurance companies based in Ohio. We provide peace of mind to more than 1.2 million Ohioans through our high-quality health, life, disability, dental, vision, and accident and critical illness plans. We offer fully insured and self-funded group coverage, including stop loss, as well as Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and Individual and Family plans. Medical Mutual’s status as a mutual company means we are owned by our members, not stockholders, so we don’t answer to Wall Street analysts or pay dividends to investors. Instead, we focus on developing products and services that help people live healthier through all stages of life.


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