With BySide and Smarkio, CoreMedia will offer a comprehensive and robust suite of tools for crafting, managing, and optimizing digital experiences.

HAMBURG, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#acquisition--CoreMedia, a global leader in Content Management and Digital Experience Platform (DXP) solutions, announces its acquisition of BySide, a pioneer in customer journey, engagement, and personalization technology and Smarkio, a reference in chatbot technology. These strategic acquisitions reinforce CoreMedia's position as a comprehensive provider of solutions for crafting, managing, and optimizing digital experiences, as well as expanding its competencies in the areas of automation and Artificial Intelligence.

In today's fiercely competitive market, delivering exceptional customer experiences is vital. Luxury brands demand exclusive concierge services, while businesses must captivate B2C customers with engaging and personalized experiences. Additionally, B2B buyers expect seamless digital sales with tailored selling options.

By integrating BySide and Smarkio, CoreMedia tackles these challenges head-on. BySide's technology enables real-time personalized experiences across multiple channels, including Voice, Messaging, Video, and Live Shopping capabilities. Smarkio offers cross-cutting solutions in contact management, from chatbots to automation tools and lead management, with the aim of making the interaction process with customers and prospects more effective. These acquisitions solidify CoreMedia's leadership in the DXP market, covering all aspects of the customer journey, thereby delighting customers, and significantly increasing conversion rates.

"Joining forces with CoreMedia is an exciting opportunity for us," said Vítor Magalhães, Co-Founder and CEO of BySide. "We're thrilled to bring our expertise in turning visitors into buyers to CoreMedia's customers. Together, we will help companies achieve their business goals effectively and provide personalized experiences that drive engagement and loyalty."

"We are delighted to welcome BySide and Smarkio to the CoreMedia family," said Sören Stamer, Co-Founder and CEO of CoreMedia. "These acquisitions mark a significant step in our mission to elevate experience and drive impact. BySide's and Smarkio’s innovative capabilities perfectly align with our vision, enabling us to offer a comprehensive solution that empowers brands to deliver exceptional experiences and achieve unprecedented conversion rates."

BySide's impressive client portfolio, including renowned brands such as MASMOVIL Group, Cetelem - BNP Paribas, and TAP Air Portugal, speaks volumes about its reputation for delivering exceptional customer-centric solutions. The integration of BySide's and Smarkio’s powerful technologies into CoreMedia's platform represents a substantial step towards creating a cohesive and immersive customer journey that encompasses digital marketing initiatives and sales interactions.

This acquisition reaffirms CoreMedia's commitment to providing innovative digital experience solutions and highlights its focus on product innovation and responsible AI implementation. Along with the backing of OpenGate Capital, a global private equity firm specializing in business optimization across North America and Europe, CoreMedia is well-positioned to strengthen its leadership in the DXP market, serving a growing number of businesses seeking top-tier digital experience solutions.

About CoreMedia

CoreMedia is a global leader in Content Management Systems (CMS) and Digital Experience Platform (DXP) solutions.

With over 27 years of experience, CoreMedia's uniquely customizable hybrid headless approach, based on a composable DXP, brings ideas to life quickly and efficiently, delivering personalized experiences at enterprise scale.

That is why ambitious global B2C and B2B brands, including John Deere, Deckers Brands, Luxottica, T-Mobile, and Finnair trust CoreMedia to transcend the boundaries of traditional content management and future-proof their tech stack.


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