We are delighted to announce that the UNCONTAMINATED MARKET has Officially Opened! Join us at UNCT to buy, sell and explore the wonderful NFTs from talented fine art photographers & video makers.

Beta Phase:

  • Uncontaminated, for primary and secondary sales only, reserves the right not to apply the 3% Commission Fee
  • Uncontaminated, for secondary sales only, reserves the right not to apply the 5% Sales Fee
Buying now is a great way to collect and trade with this works of art at a better price. We will additionally track all our first collectors for further future benefits



There are currently two ways to collect: Open Offers and Auctions.


Here’s a brief overview of when to consider using each:

  • Open Offers: All NFTs are available for Open Offer on Uncontaminated. If you are eyeing a piece but don’t want to try your luck in an auction, make an Offer. The system will initiate a one to one deal , seller and buyer will be notify , everyone will receive notifications on the specific section inside the DASHBOARD of each profile , and by email.
  • Auctions: Kick off a 7 days auction by meeting its reserve price, or bid on an NFT in an active auction before the timer runs out. On the first bid the system will start the auction. The counter will be visible on each NFT spec and everyone will be able to place a bid along the 7 days. At the last 15 minutes if the NFT received an offer the countdown timer will reset to 15 minutes until no further bids are received.

By Stocks Future

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