Humi’s time-tracking feature allows companies to stay on top of employee hours easily and efficiently

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Humi, Canada’s best-in-one benefits, payroll, and HR platform, today announced Time Tracking, a new product to support Canadian businesses in project management and improving workflow.

In today's fast-paced business landscape, accurate time tracking is essential for efficient resource allocation and effective project management. Seamlessly integrated with the existing Humi platform, Time Tracking helps companies to stay on top of tracking and approving employee hours easily and efficiently, negating the need for businesses to use separate software or manual processes such as spreadsheets.

Time Tracking enables employees to self-submit hours worked, while allowing managers and project owners to review and approve them conveniently. Moreover, this system empowers the right people (managers and project owners) to mass-approve multiple submissions, notifying them of action items in a timely manner and allowing them to customize their reporting. This allows users to export hours for payroll processing and keep projects on track.

“With approved workflows, reminder notifications, and one-click approval, Time Tracking expands Humi’s support for Canadian companies that have a need to track hours worked for employees,” says Nick Gray, VP, Product at Humi. “This new feature is another step in providing companies with a way to maintain accurate oversight when managing employee benefits, payroll, and HR, making life easier for both employers and their employees as they look to level up their business growth and internal efficiencies.”

“Humi is already the hub for companies’ payroll, HR, and employee data – Time Tracking is a natural addition to better streamline internal processes,” says Kevin Kliman, CEO of Humi. “By providing employers with an accurate overview of the employee life cycle – from recruiting and onboarding to performance, benefits, and payroll – Humi enables employers to focus on tasks that result in overall employee satisfaction and engagement as well as business growth.”

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