NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Massive Bio and Asklepieia will utilize their innovative technologies to provide oncologists and patients unparalleled access to crucial clinical trials, personalized cancer treatments, and reports on adequate therapies. Plans are underway for future collaborations with BeStrong and Open Health Alliance.

Cagatay M. Culcuoglu, COO, CTO, and Co-Founder of Massive Bio, expressed his optimism about these alliances. "Our collaboration with Asklepieia combines precision medicine with AI-driven clinical trial matching, speeding up the introduction of clinical trials in Greece," Culcuoglu said. He added, "Our partnerships with BeStrong and Open Health Alliance will help us to enhance oncology and hematology cancer care through cutting-edge technologies, physician access, and patient advocacy, delivering more personalized care and advanced treatments."

George Kakoulidis, CEO of Asklepieia, also emphasized the transformative potential of collaborations. "Our mission, through integrating with Massive Bio's platform, is to improve patients' quality of life and contribute to the global fight against cancer. We want to expand our partnership with Massive Bio to introduce new clinical trials and leverage technology to shorten the enrollment process leveraging Massive Bio’s global expertise," Kakoulidis stated.

Asklepieia will leverage its platform to identify patients who could most benefit from novel clinical trials, expanding Massive Bio's trials' reach. Concurrently, BeStrong and Open Health Alliance will provide physicians with updated clinical trial information for faster patient referrals, real-time support, and access to cancer patients or caregivers in Greece.

Massive Bio will use its advanced AI to process patient clinical health data, accelerating drug development and enhancing personalized treatment strategies. Caglar Demirbag, Director of International Partnerships at Massive Bio, stated, "Our partnerships will improve access to cancer treatments in the region and promote diversity in clinical trial participation."

Harnessing combined global and national expertise, the partnerships aim to facilitate patient referrals to clinical trials, thus improving health outcomes and lowering healthcare costs.

About Massive Bio

Massive Bio is at the forefront of empowering cancer patients to discover their optimal treatment options. Utilizing AI to enhance equitable access and precision targeting for clinical trial matching, drug matching, and drug development, Massive Bio is committed to breaking down barriers in clinical trial enrollment, fostering value-based oncology decisions, and facilitating data-driven cancer treatment. Serving over three dozen pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, and hospital networks, Massive Bio has earned recognition from the National Cancer Institute with an SBIR contract. Founded in 2015 by a team of clinical, technology, and M&A executives, Massive Bio boasts a global presence with nearly 100 people across 12 countries. For further details, please visit,, or interact with us on our social media channels.

About Asklepieia, BeStrong, Open Health Alliance

Asklepieia Health Cluster aims to transform Greece into a premier Health & Wellness tourism destination by leveraging innovative marketplace solutions and renowned partnerships. Its mission is to deliver superior care and exceptional experiences to domestic and international patients. With three prestigious awards for excellence in healthcare services, Asklepieia is dedicated to promoting well-being and positioning Greece at the forefront of the global Health & Wellness Tourism industry.

BE STRONG is a non-profit organization that provides cancer-related information, prevention awareness, and support. With a pioneering helpline, international collaborations, and a commitment to positively impacting, we strive to be a reliable resource for individuals affected by cancer and other challenging diseases.

Open Health Alliance is a nationwide non-profit Medical Network in Greece uniting healthcare professionals, citizens, and patient associations. With a patient-centered approach and focus on quality care, we aim to overcome challenges in healthcare delivery and foster an innovative doctor-patient relationship for optimized medical services.


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