Rapid Expansion Propels MedVA to Over 1,000 Virtual Assistants Serving More Than 500 Healthcare Clients

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MedVA – the fast-growing provider of human virtual assistants for medical, dental and veterinary offices – has achieved two key milestones by employing more than 1,000 trained, highly-vetted virtual assistants (VAs) and servicing more than 500 active clients in its first 18 months of operation.

MedVA virtual assistants enable all types of healthcare practices to meet their workforce needs by performing routine yet essential tasks more efficiently and at a lower cost than in-house staff. Tasks include scribing, reception, administration and billing. VAs integrate seamlessly with each client’s workflow, eliminating the need for costly onboarding.

Current MedVA clients work with from one to more than 50 VAs at a given time, with no limit. MedVA’s client roster includes leading practices in a range of healthcare specialties – from internal medicine, psychiatry and obstetrics/gynecology to dentistry and veterinary medicine.

MedVA was created by and for healthcare professionals to address today’s staffing challenges. Before its launch in 2021, co-founders Steven Kupferman, MD, DMD and Omid Shaye, MD personally experienced the difficulties of recruiting the right personnel and keeping them busy as office needs fluctuate.

“Staffing has become one of the most challenging aspects of running a healthcare practice,” said Dr. Kupferman, who serves as MedVA’s CEO. “MedVA was born out of necessity, and we are thrilled by the success our clients achieve when they harness the power of virtual assistants.”

Dr. Shaye, who serves as MedVA’s Chairman, added, “So much of what a healthcare practice needs to accomplish can be done more efficiently with virtual assistants. At MedVA, we match the best VAs with medical, dental and veterinary offices to deliver game-changing results.”

MedVA President and Chief Operating Officer Chris McShanag highlighted key factors fueling the popularity of medical virtual assistants. “Rising demand for remote work solutions and advancements in technology are making it easier to perform tasks from anywhere,” he said. “COVID also contributed to the trend by popularizing remote work and expanding the use of facilitating technology. In addition, the ‘great resignation’ phenomenon has intensified staffing shortages, burdening healthcare practices with higher costs and diminished productivity.”

MedVA clients such as Los Angeles mobile dentist Gabrielle Mahler, DMD affirm the benefits of working with remote virtual assistants. "For everyone in healthcare who can't seem to get the essential things done in even an extended work day, MedVA is going to change your life," said Dr. Mahler, who said her practice was “drowning in endless paperwork” before becoming a MedVA client.

The market for healthcare virtual assistants is growing rapidly. According to a report from Grand View Research, the global VA market is projected to grow from $1.7 billion in 2020 to $26.1 billion by 2028, while Fortune Business Insights projects the market will reach $31.7 billion during the same period.

MedVA recently expanded with the launch of BizVA -- a companion platform that brings VA efficiency and cost-savings to businesses in all industries.


MedVA was launched in 2021 by Los Angeles-based physicians Steven Kupferman, MD, DMD and Omid Shaye, MD to bring the benefits of remote virtual assistants to medical, dental and veterinary offices. Benefits include streamlined operations, improved productivity and time-saving solutions. Its vetted, trained and professional virtual assistants work seamlessly with each client’s on-site employees and workflow. MedVA’s sister platform – BizVA – was launched in 2023 to serve clients in all industries. More information at MedVA.com and BizVA.com.


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