LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Product Science is a deep tech startup that is disrupting the mobile performance engineering industry with its AI-powered tools that enable developers to quickly identify and remediate causes of slow app performance. Today, PS Tool unveils its latest feature, the "Delay Indicator," designed to remove the ambiguity of prioritizing performance optimization.

By highlighting delays (functions executed in a manner that creates additional, unnecessary wait time for users) within execution paths, developers can now identify the exact code function to optimize, accelerating the time to improve user experiences. With a single click, this feature transforms the way developers analyze performance problems in their mobile applications: PS Tool displays the execution path and highlights delays between functions that were prioritized, scheduled, or executed in a suboptimal manner, causing unnecessary wait time for users.

Here's how the "Delay Indicator" feature works:

  • Video preview: Using our video-trace synchronization feature, locate the moment in the video where the UI change happened (screen rendered).
  • Automatic path identification: Simply select the slice that represents the code, and PS Tool will automatically display the execution path while highlighting delays between functions.
  • Focus on urgent issues: Developers visually prioritize the most critical performance issues.

Product Science is committed to empowering app developers to optimize mobile performance seamlessly and efficiently. The "Delay Indicator" feature is just one of many innovative tools the company offers. To learn more about how you and your team can leverage the power of PS Tool, request a demo today and discover how Product Science can revolutionize your app development process.

About Product Science

At Product Science, our mission is to eliminate delays caused by software inefficiency. We believe that time is humanity's most valuable non-renewable resource. We are committed to creating a world where software operates at its highest potential, enabling people to make the most of their time to focus on what's truly important.

Product Science was founded in 2021 by David, Daniil, and Maria Liberman and backed by Coatue, K5, Mantis.


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Phone: 424-420-7544
Email: tatiana.charchian@productscience.ai

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