Fintechs are enjoying mass adoption, and one of them, Robinhood, seems to be a fan favorite. That has come out in a StockApps analysis of the most popular fintech firms in 2021. The site concludes that Robinhood was the most sought platform after recording 28 million searches.


Commenting on the findings, StockApps’ Edith Reads said, “Robinhood is dominating fintech searches because it is appealing to users with its commission-free services.” In addition, Edith credited the app-based brokerage platform as being “Convenient, more appealing and easy to use.” 


Hong Kong and Singapore lead in fintech and fintech-related Google searches


StockApps’ analysis showed Hong Kong is leading in fintech-related Google search queries. Singapore took the second position for similar keywords. Yet Singapore was the leading financial tech hub in Southeast Asia per a 2020 report by Oliver Wyman and the Singapore Fintech Association. 


The country is home to 40% of the region’s fintech companies. Besides, it has more than one hundred incubators, 40 innovation labs, and 150 venture capitalist investors. These factors make it an attractive destination for startups seeking opportunities in the fintech space.


Regulation framework on Fintechs


The regulatory framework for Fintechs has changed in tandem with the industry’s rapid expansion in recent years. Clearer rules of engagement have led to a rise in institutional adoption and consolidation of the industry. It has defined regulations governing crypto-asset trading and outlined the relevant procedures in case of breaches. These include initiating court action where necessary.


The full story and statistics can be found here: Robinhood was the most searched Fintech Company in 2021 at 28M Searches

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