Society is gradually shifting towards a future of virtual reality and subsequently reshaping the industries such as social media, gaming, content creation and online shopping. The exponential growth of the metaverse has led to an influx of businesses, both large and developing, keen to get involved.

At we have researched and put together 35 of the most notable businesses that already exist in the metaverse, including well known brands and ones to watch out for in the future.

With experts predicting expansion of the metaverse by 23 times it’s current market size from $63.83 billion to $1,527 billion by 2029, it is clear this space is one to watch.

Top 10:

  1. Meta
  2. Microsoft
  3. Adobe
  4. Nvidia 
  5. Ralph Lauren
  6. Gucci
  7. Animal Concerts
  8. Spores
  9. Prada 
  10. Balmain

By Stocks Future

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