Program Includes Unlimited Access to Stella, the World’s Most Advanced, Customizable, Cognitive AI Solution

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--United We Care, a global leader in scientifically validated behavioral health programs, courses, and self-help content, today announced the launch of its mental health and wellness coaching program in the United States. The online and app-based coaching program is available to health systems seeking to enhance their behavioral health and wellness offerings as well as corporate employee assistance programs (EAPs). United We Care’s wellness coaching includes unlimited access to Stella, the world’s most advanced, customizable, cognitive AI driven online support solution.

Stella’s proprietary, innovative multilingual features include intelligent mood-tracking, mental health screening and assessment tools, personalized health and wellness suggestions, and state-of-the-art therapeutic intelligence. Driving cognitive response behavior through AI, Stella speaks 29 languages, understands over 40 emotions, and has a diagnostic efficacy of approximately 85%. Stella currently serves over 500,000 users, of which more than half are return users, who each spend an average of 18 minutes each time they log on.

Through a combination of face-to-face virtual visits as well as regular synchronous and asynchronous chat services, United We Care’s coaching program gives users access to hundreds of certified mental health professionals. Members also have unlimited access to thousands of articles, self-paced clinical programs, and trending topic videos covering subjects that include anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Through Stella, users are matched with coaches whose expertise best aligns with each individual’s needs and they participate in goal setting and motivational interviews in a sustained engagement plan focused on measurable mental health outcomes.

“United We Care is very pleased to announce the launch of our coaching program in the United States – this is a significant milestone in the evolution of our company, and we look forward to continually enhancing our behavioral health solutions to serve our ever-growing member population,” said Ritu Mehrotra, Founder and CEO. “Our highly experienced team of wellness coaches combined with Stella, the world’s most powerful AI driven on call support solution, positions us to engage people wherever they are on the mental health spectrum and provide them with the best outcomes possible.”

For health systems, United We Care’s solutions are designed to resolve fragmented mental health care coordination and strengthen behavioral and wellness support programs that are understaffed and strained by limited resources. It also addresses essential, underserved components in the EAP market that include sustained user engagement, measurable program efficacy that impacts an employer’s bottom line, and improved employee satisfaction and retention.

United We Care’s mental health and wellness programs are designed by experts to engage and guide individuals through each step of their behavioral health journey. Its self-paced clinical programs look and feel like live therapy sessions, include a range of resources, and feature post-session exercises that prompt users to take specific actions along their behavioral health and wellness journey.

About United We Care

United We Care delivers scientifically validated programs, courses, self-help content, and hundreds of certified emotional wellness experts on the world’s #1 wellness platform. United We Care’s solutions include Stella, the world’s most advanced, customizable, interactive cognitive AI solution. The company is headquartered in Singapore and has locations throughout the world. Click here to learn more.


Sarah Ong for Matter Health

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