Where game-changing innovations are offered to all. As of today as in the past  many years, the cryptocurrency industry has been the marketplace of myriad of  many new projects, and they are all looking for support financially from the  people in return for coins and tokens as digital assets. 

Many of these new projects can be copycats types offering no real innovations  that the marketplacе can appreciate. Now, are projects that can considered to be  perfect and purely innovative. Among the good, those that really offers people  what they are looking for – that is to make things in crypto easy, fast and very  secured. 

KYC Coin – Experience the best while navigating journey in cryptocurrency. КУСC is  a cryptocurrency that offers much faster transaction times, much lower fees, and  a high level of protection. Designed for professionals and regular users by a team  of world-class experts. 

KYC Сoin comes with a convenient and easy-to-use wallet. Not only is it designed  to be used by everyone, including those just starting with cryptos, but also the  wallet comes with a ‘Pay Contact’ feature. It means that, without any additional  requirements, can add friends, relatives, or business partners, and send them  money in a matter of a second.

As for now, the developer team is working on building a KYC & AML CHECK  platform, KYC EXCHANGE. These services will be launched in the near future and  are designed to revolutionize the way think about investing, accepting payments,  and doing other things involving large numbers of transactions. 

КУСС is an international project available for users residing in the overwhelming  majority of the countries around the globe. It is greatly integrated into the crypto economy and requires less time, less knowledge, and less financial expertise to  make payments, trade, invest, take part in the reward program. 

KYC coin is based on a Proof-of-Stake technology, which makes it 10 times faster  to send and receive payments than using Bitcoin and other well-known  cryptocurrencies. Beyond that, PoS is based on an energy-efficient transaction  validation mechanism which makes it possible to get involved in mining for  everyone, including those who aren’t ready to purchase expensive equipment. On  top of that, holders of large amounts of kyccoins are welcome to make a profit by  participating in the Masternode program. What is needed is freezing some  number of coins.

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