A recent study estimated that the number of entrepreneurs, freelancers or company employed experts who consider themselves digital nomads has grown to roughly 35 million globally. Just for reference, only 43 nations around the world have larger populations, which means digital nomads are not just a trendy phenomenon but also a sizeable group. 

The team at SuperCasinoSites decided to analyse popular digital nomad destinations in Europe, as well as some up-and-coming cities that have the potential to become huge business and digital nomad hubs in the near future.

Using newly updated data for room rates, food prices and other costs associated with living and working abroad, they created a ranking of 30 cities that are most attractive for digital nomads right now and compared these cities in terms of average Airbnb rates for private rooms, grocery prices, public transport fares, average cost of broadband Internet packages, as well as general safety.

It turns out 4 of the 5 most appealing cities – Krakow (#1), Budapest (#3), Prague (#4), Dubrovnik (#5), are all located in Central Europe:

More details about each city are available in the full report. It also includes the full methodology used in comparing the costs associated with living and working in all 30 cities across Europe as well as raw data which includes detailed breakdown with the score for each city. Feel free to use any data or graphics for publication by providing a link attribution to the original report.

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