By Vikas Lakhwani, Chief Revenue Officer at CPT Markets

US stock futures were recording some volatility today after a positive performance yesterday. The market remains on a strong uptrend since the end of October thanks to an optimistic sentiment. All major indices rose, with the Nasdaq and the S&P 500 reaching toward new highs. Despite the low volumes typical of the holiday season, performance remained positive overall. At the same time, market expectations of early rate cuts in March could continue to boost sentiment and performances on the market.

The energy sector was the top performer yesterday, as oil prices continue to rebound as traders react to the increasing geopolitical uncertainties in the Middle East. The real estate sector was a close second and continues its rebound as mortgage rates continue to recede in parallel to bond yields.

Among individual stocks, Intel surged 5.2% after Israel’s government granted the chipmaker $3.2 billion in incentives for a $25 billion chip-making plant in the country’s south. This investment is in line with Intel’s strategy to boost its chip-making capabilities and compete with rivals like AMD and Nvidia. The increasing demand for chips, fueled by AI, is intensifying competition among chip manufacturers, leading to market optimism and higher valuations. The trend could continue to support the US stock market.

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