Intensive negotiations between President Joe Biden and other US leaders on the debt ceiling have sparked a surge in Twitter influencer conversations. With just a few weeks remaining before a potential debt default in June 2023, influencers express growing concern as no deal has been finalized yet and political discussions on the debt ceiling jitters. Against this backdrop, there was a significant spike in conversations around “debt-ceiling” among Twitter influencers in the third week of May, according to the Social Media Analytics Platform of GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Smitarani Tripathy, Social Media Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “Most of the influencers have raised concerns that failure to raise the ceiling may impact negatively on the global economic growth. They have expressed skepticism or amusement at the political tussle involved. Meanwhile, few influencers have shown optimism that a deal will be reached.”


Below are a few of the popular influencer opinions captured by GlobalData’s Social Media Analytics Platform:

  1. Peter Schiff, Chief Economist:

“If @POTUS is correct that failure to raise the #DebtCeiling would be catastrophic, #Biden can easily avoid catastrophe by signing the bill already passed by the #House to raise the #DebtCeiling. The spending “cuts” are minor and don’t even come close to solving the debt problem.”

  1. Crypto 94, Owner of Infinity Gainz:

“Is anyone paying attention to #DebtCeilingCrisis ?? What if Democrats/Republicans don’t agree to raise Debt Ceiling? US could default on its debt as soon as June 1 if Congress doesn’t act, Yellen says  FYI: US is 25% of World Economy. They crash, whole world crashes with”

  1. Lisa Abramowicz, Co-host of Bloomberg Surveillance:

“Big potential near-term catalysts: 1) a quicker-than-expected resolution to the debt ceiling; 2) an unexpected pop in the economy that sends investors out of havens (big tech) and into less-loved areas like financials. That could spur the S&P to drop in the face of better growth”

  1. Alan Watson, Founder of Diet Heart Publishing :

“Democrat & Republican leaders solemnly assure us the debt ceiling will be raised: “There will be no default.” Do these hollow men actually believe $31.4 trillion can be paid back? Thanks to the inept, warmongering DC Beltway, our “slow motion disintegration” is speeding up.”

  1. Ross Gerber, President and CEO at Gerber Kawasaki Wealth & Investment Management:

“Dear @tedlieu – Not taking a side but as my representative in Congress this debt ceiling situation is unacceptable. IMO the President should invoke the 14th amendment and this farcical concept of the debt ceiling should be abandoned and abolished. If not then you must make a deal now. Enough of holding America hostage to economic destruction, the whole point of the 14th amendment. It’s not fair what you are doing to working Americans and business owners. Thanks.”

  1. Justin Wolfers, Professor of Economics at University of Michigan:

“Here’s the logic of why it’s going to be hard to make a debt ceiling bargain, laid out in a bit more detail… There are too many actors with conflicting agendas and too few are around the table:”

  1. Ed Bradford, US government bond trader:

“Doubt we get an early agreement on the debt ceiling. These things drag on until the absolute last minute”

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