According to, 36% of all verified smart contracts on Ethereum were published in 2022.

Commenting on the data, BanklessTimes CEO Jonathan Merry said,” The development of smart contracts on Ethereum is a sign that the platform is being used for real-world applications and not just speculation. This year has been tough for crypto investors as prices have plummeted across the board. However, it seems that development in the industry has not stopped. With more and more real-world applications being built on blockchain technology, it is only a matter of time before prices begin to recover.”

Ethereum’s Prospects

Although the price of ETH has declined significantly this year, the same cannot be said for usage and activity on the Ethereum network. Usage of the Ethereum network has been increasing steadily throughout the year.

The increasing usage of the Ethereum network indicates that people are still finding real-world use cases for blockchain technology and are not deterred by the bear market.

Ether Becomes Deflationary

Since the Merge took place, Ethereum has become deflationary for the first time. This is due to the new staking mechanism, which burns a small amount of ETH every time a block is created.

The increased usage of the Ethereum network, coupled with the deflationary nature of the hard fork, makes Ethereum a very attractive investment. With the potential for mass adoption in the years to come, Ethereum could be a smart long-term investment. Full story and statistics can be found here: 36% Of All Verified Smart Contracts on Ethereum Were Published This Year Alone

Dash 2 Trade is The Bloomberg Terminal Crypto Has Been Waiting For

London, England 20th October 2022 – Less than 24 hours into its fundraising, the Dash 2 Trade crypto trading intelligence platform has already raised more than $300,000 in the first stage of its presale.

Positioning itself as the ‘Bloomberg Terminal for crypto’ – but minus the $2,000 a month subscription, Dash 2 Trade is bringing the functionality and feature-set of a fully professional analytics and intelligence suite to the ordinary crypto trader.

Dashboard has been in development for months – MVP is ready

At the core of the Dash 2 Trade platform is its powerful and innovative dashboard. It’s been in development for several months and is already at the minimum viable product stage, and the polished version will be ready to launch at the end of the presale.

The Dash 2 Trade dashboard brings together all the tools, metrics, signals and indicators to turbo-charge trading performance.

Dash 2 Trade’s dashboard is the fruit of the labors of a team of crypto trading professionals at Learn2Trade, where they have already built a 70,000-strong trading community delivering market-beating returns to its 40,000 active traders.

From on-chain analytics to social trading and much more besides, Dash 2 Trade turns crypto trading from hit and miss into accessible and manageable whole-of-market due diligence to help retail traders develop profitable trading strategies.

Accessible tier 1 research and analytics

Importantly, unlike already existing trading products that either provide dumb robots or opaque and complicated systems blinded by their own science, Dash 2 Trade is sweeping all that away by making accessibility and measurable achievement its watchwords.

Dash 2 Trade unlocks and combines on-chain analytics, proprietary presale and ICO scoring system, automated trading API, actionable signals and social media indicators, some of which are backed up by the human insights of a team of traders and quant analysts steeped in years of experience.

The only crypto trading intelligence platform with a presale focus

But more than that, Dash 2 Trade, uniquely among crypto trading platforms, is able to provide a laser-like focus on the areas of the crypto space most likely to deliver outsized returns for traders – new projects raising funds for the first time through presales.

What’s more you can monitor a project as it progresses along its roadmap, keeping an eye on adoption, fundamentals, tokenomics, dev and user community traction, and all the other factors serious crypto traders must appraise to bring alpha to their portfolio.

Dash 2 Trade brings truly actionable insights to retail traders for first time

And in yet another first, Dash 2 Trade is making all of these research and analytical tools available by utilizing blockchain technology to open up access to all holders of the system’s native D2T digital asset token.

There is no other crypto trading system that is able to provide ordinary traders with actionable insights in the way that Dash 2 Trade does to secure outperformance.

Dash 2 Trade solves the problem of conducting due diligence at scale

Given the huge quantity of new projects required to be covered for due diligence on an asset class as fast-moving as crypto, it is impossible for an individual trader to keep up, let alone make considered trading decisions. Dash 2 Trade automation and human intelligence solves that problem.

For example CoinSniper has as many as 100 presales a week coming onto its platform. But with Dash 2 Trade monitoring the market and capturing the information a trader needs to make informed and profitable decisions is easy.

Dashboard is ready to go

A team of 15 traders, quants and developers have been hard at work building the Dashboard. Here are the main existing features, as well as those under development:

Risk profiler – strategies to fit your risk appetite

Auto-trading API – connect direct to your broker to trade

Technical indicators – actionable signals

Social indicators – actionable signals

Presale & ICOs proprietary scoring system – the only presale analyser in crypto

Backtesting – test out your strategy before live deployment

Listing alerts – stay ahead of the crowd

On-chain analytics – making sense of the data, from adoption metrics to whale activity

Social trading – follow Dash 2 Trade’s most successful traders, compete for generous prizes

When it comes to analyzing new crypto assets a prospective trader needs, for instance, reliable information on:

  • the pedigree and bona fides of the team;
  • the strength of the projects technology;
  • whether the smart contracts have been audited;
  • the addressable market the project is pitching for;
  • is it a good market fit;
  • is there a strong and growing community around the project;
  • what sort of traction does it have on social media

…that’s a lot of moving parts to track and gauge.

Essentially the Dash 2 Trade dashboard provides a premium one-stop solution to access and evaluate all that intelligence, especially for presales. There really is nothing else like it on the market.

State-of-the-art auto-trading API

Connect to your favorite broker trading platform using the Dash 2 Trade auto-trading API.

Traders can build algorithm-based trading strategies by writing powerful yet simple statements such as  “IF [metric ABC] of [BTC] to reach value [X], then place a [BUY/SELL] [market_order] for [$1000] [BTC]”.

Dash 2 Trade will not place the trades for its user but instead gives them the flexibility that means they are always fully in control, as well as the ability to set up an automated trading strategy with their chosen provider.

Pro team

Dash 2 Trade has grown out of the Learn 2 Trade trading community, which after three years in business has amassed 70,000 users. Learn 2 Trade has been successfully educating its users about the crypto markets and provides free and paid-for trading signals to its members.

The team consists of traders, quantitative analysts and developers who together have pooled their expertise and know-how to build a platform that they couldn’t find anywhere else.

Venture capital funding of $200k is encouraging sign of institutional interest

Dash 2 Trade has already received venture capital funding of $200,000, which has allowed the team to push ahead with the development of its core dashboard product.

Huge total addressable market

Crypto trading is big business. Top crypto exchange Binance is valued at $300 billion and founder Changpeng Zhao is reportedly worth $96 billion.

From exchanges like Binance to automated trading platforms such as Cryptohopper, there are a host of companies competing to attract the eye of traders.

Cryptohopper, for example, was founded in 2017 and after five years in business has attracted half a million traders to its automated trading platform.

Dash 2 Trade’s auto-trader features are similar to Cryptohopper but with the key difference that it provides added-value custom metrics in crucial areas such as market sentiment.

Aside from auto-trading, Dash 2 Trade is a unique proposition in providing an important additional feature that targets an area of the market where alpha is richest – presales and ICOs.

Value proposition unlike any other crypto

Fashionable and trendy sectors may come and go, but everyone wants to trade and to do it successfully. This means that Dash 2 Trade will not be a fly-by-night project with noble aims that wither on the vine.

NFTs, metaverse, play-to-earn, DeFi are all buzzwords of high profile sectors, but fashions are constantly shifting, as viable as each of those sectors may be.

However, regardless of the portfolio asset allocation holding preferences of each individual market participant, all have in common an interest in becoming a better trader.

Tokenomics – catch the presale stage 1 price before it ends

D2T token has a total supply of 1 billion. 700 million D2T tokens are available for purchase in the presale.

The first 35 million D2T tokens are on sale now for $0.0476 each, aiming to raise $1,666,000 in the first stage of the presale.

In the next stage of the presale the price of the token rises to $0.05.

Notes to editors

Presale stages

$0.0476 $1,666,000 35,000,000

  1. $0.0500 $3,500,000 70,000,000
  2. $0.0513 $3,591,000 70,000,000
  3. $0.0533 $4,663,750 87,500,000
  4. $0.0556 $4,865,000 87,500,000
  5. $0.0580 $5,075,000 87,500,000
  6. $0.0606 $5,302,500 87,500,000
  7. $0.0635 $5,556,250 87,500,000
  8. $0.0662 $5,792,500 87,500,000

Total raise: $40,012,000; 700,000,000 D2T tokens

London, England, Tuesday 25th October 2022 – Green crypto project has raised an impressive $9 million from investors rushing to contribute to the innovative carbon-offsetting platform.

IMPT is the access token for the platform and strong buyer demand has led to 84% of the 1st stage of the presale being sold at a price per token of  $0.018.

At the time of writing $9,138,000 of $10.8 million has now been raised in the current stage, before the price increases to $0.023 in the 2nd stage of the presale.

510.4 million IMPT tokens have now been sold out of the 600 million available to investors in the first stage of the presale.

Amazon joins the IMPT green affiliate shopping program

Investors in the project are encouraged by the impressive line-up of retailers that have joined the affiliate shopping program.

Retailers include e-commerce giant Amazon and top brands such as Macy’s and Bloomingdales, as well as the likes of River Island, Microsoft and Lego. has the stated goal of connecting socially responsible companies and brands to businesses and individuals who want to offset their carbon footprint.

To achieve this aim is utilizing blockchain technology to make carbon offsetting and trading accessible to all.

Each retailer donates a proportion of the sales transacted through the widget or app. It is up to the retailer how much they wish to donate to the audited environmental, social and governance (ESG) projects that have been selected by

Consumers will be able to choose from among their favorite brands by comparing the various sales margins for green projects offered by each retailer.

When an individual shops online with the widget or in-store using the app, they earn  IMPT tokens that can then be exchanged for carbon credits. unlocks scaling of carbon-offsetting and trading of credits

The project’s other core feature is to facilitate the buying, selling and ‘retiring’ of carbon credits on a blockchain-powered marketplace. By using blockchain technology, fraud in carbon credit trading can be eliminated and full transparency secured.

Each time someone buys an IMPT token they can convert it into a carbon credit, which in turn can be listed on the marketplace as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

In addition, the IMPT token incentivizes the retiring of carbon credits by exchanging them for collectible NFTs designed by recognized artists.

The retiring of credits is achieved by burning them – a process whereby the tokens are sent to an address on the blockchain that can only receive tokens (not send them), effectively removing them from supply.

Along with accumulating IMPT tokens when shopping, consumers can buy the IMPT token directly on the IMPT website.

Individuals can then choose to either burn the credits to offset their carbon footprint, and receive in return a collectible NFT, or list the carbon credits on the IMPT marketplace where it can be traded as a financial asset.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) is a $53 trillion opportunity of the century

According to Bloomberg Intelligence: “Global ESG assets are on track to exceed $53 trillion by 2025, representing more than a third of the $140.5 trillion in projected total assets under management.” is providing the tools to allow businesses and consumers to play their part in fighting global warn]ming and environmental degradation, while profiting at the same time as whole industries are retooled and the renewable energy rollout gathers pace.

The team behind the project is led by highly experienced business executive CEO Denis Creighton.

How to take part in the biggest green investing opportunity of the year

To take part in the presale and to get in on the ground floor of the green revolution powered by blockchain technology, an individual or business can simply connect their crypto wallet at and buy the IMPT token with ETH or USDT (Tether stablecoin).

If prospective buyers don’t have ETH, they can buy it securely directly on the website using a card to make their purchase.


Notes to editors

IMPT has affiliate partnerships with the following brands:

  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • LEGO
  • River Island
  • Macy’s
  • Bloomingdales
  • Gamestop
  • Calzedonia
  • Shock Doctor
  • Bodega
  • Stories & Ink
  • Britannical
  • Haus Labs by lady gaga
  • Refurbed
  • Udemy
  • La Fabric shop
  • florence by mils
  • Penhaligons
  • Sonia Rykiel
  • Hekka
  • Reebelo
  • Chrome World JP
  • Mac Duggal
  • Sassy Organics
  • Sunnylife
  • Glukos
  • Restflix
  • Electrolux
  • Montkush
  • Alpha H

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