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Following the latest business trends, are you also planning to take your business to the cloud? If yes, have you considered the options for its security? And even if your answer is no, remember that your data is just as insecure on-premise as it is on the cloud these days. Thanks to the smart hackers and their advanced tools!

For a very long time, web applications and websites have been the primary source of attack for bad actors because of their public accessibility and insecure loopholes.

Some popular attacks in trend these days include OWASP Top 10 like SQL Injection, DDoS (Distributed Denial of Services) attacks, cross-site scripting (XSS).

Prophaze Web Application Firewall (WAF) detects and blocks all suspicious activities using behavior algorithms and Machine Learning (ML). It protects your applications and data by preventing any unauthorized traffic to your system architecture.

Prophaze WAF is the first pure Kubernetes driven SD WAF in the whole world, rooted in India trying to spread its wings abroad as well.

Prophaze’s WAF provides deployment in the following ways:

On-Premise WAF– Here, the customizable part becomes easier compared to Cloud. Also, the interaction between the WAF and the application happens at a more detailed level. Usually, on-premise Web Application Firewalls are highly expensive but Prophaze’s team is wary of the need for cybersecurity and the threats businesses are prone to. Hence, they provide what’s best for your enterprise at customizable prices. 

Cloud WAF– Prophaze’s Cloud WAF, on the other hand, comes with APIs and DDoS protection, Content Delivery Network (CDN), load balancer, and customizable rules and development. The WAF understands your IT architecture and builds a combat shield based on its behavior. 

5 Steps to Make Your Web Assets Secure

 1.Deployment- With Kubernetes and Docker, which assemble a web application with all the resources that it needs, developers can release the codes quickly. Prophaze Kubernetes WAF automates the deployment process and provides ease of its management with accessible and comprehensive built architecture.

It provides Layer 7 protection letting only the genuine traffic pass through your web application gateway. Also, the complete process is compliant with the industry standards that help to define policies in a way that can be easily imported into Kubernetes, and the DevOps team can then assign the WAF policies to specific applications. Prophaze WAF covers the entire spectrum of deployment solutions, from monolithic to microservices.

 2.Customize Rules- Cloud-native applications require more than just perimeter security. Prophaze WAFprovides automated as well as a customizable rule book to your web applications and websites. The user-friendly Prophaze dashboard lets you manually set rules with various filters suitable for your enterprise.

It is often noticed that Security teams at several firms face the trouble of scaling their Web Application Firewall that has pre-defined rules and is not customizable. And due to this, security teams have to spend lots of time and effort monitoring the areas manually that their WAF is not covering.

 3.Automated Integration- To make the applications behave normally, your web application firewall needs to be compatible with your web applications. Prophaze WAF seamlessly integrates with every platform and that’s its strength.

Also, its automated adaptability allows you to focus on utilizing the manpower in other productive areas. The WAF holds the ability to combat advanced threats including file-less attacks, new malware variants, and zero-day attacks. It secures public clouds, virtual private and private cloud such as AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, as well as on-premise IT infrastructure.

 4.Bot and malicious attack mitigation- Prophaze WAF helps to prevent attacks that others often miss. Their DevOps team diligently works together to keep updating new threats and vulnerabilities in real-time without bothering you with CVE alerts.

Prophaze WAF equips your enterprise cloud with every kind of Bot mitigation, DDoS protection, AI automation, and protects your web space from OWASP Top 10 attacks. While providing regular software updates, Prophaze WAF also ensures compliance with authorities and government policies such as HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, SOC2, and PCI DSS. 

 5. Traffic generation – Web application security needs to be very quick and not slow down the filtering process. Prophaze WAF provides robust security in the cloud environment and Kubernetes at efficient costs.

The agile DevOps continuously update code without stopping for rule updates or any traffic break. It filters all the undesired malicious traffic and lets in only the data that is required by your team.

Therefore, with Prophaze Technologies, security is tailor-made. Easy deployment, Automatic rules, lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), affordable pricing, and zero downtime.

While others take months to complete the deployment procedure, Prophaze WAF goes live in just a few minutes. In these ways, Prophaze aims at providing safer, simpler, and affordable security to all and build a stronger and influential niche in the global market.

Prophaze’s Approach to Cloud Security

The safety of data stored in the cloud can only be ensured by cloud data security. There have been several high-profile hacking cases, but the truth is that the data is much safer in the cloud, and security is an extremely high priority for all cloud storage services.

The importance of cloud security is observed by both business and personal users. Certain sectors have stringent rules to keep client data safe and it is of paramount importance to almost everyone that their data should remain safe. An essential element of cloud service is cloud security and one should always ensure that their service provider can provide the correct levels of security for the respective industries.

An informed approach should be taken by enterprises whilst managing risk when adopting the cloud — a hybrid cloud — that encompasses what they have in traditional environments and cloud environments. Those methods will help them meet their objectives and the responsibilities they have with cloud providers.

This is where Prophaze steps up and meets the variety of challenges one incurs whilst ensuring the security of their data in the cloud. From providing industry-specific solutions to providing specifically tailored solutions to entities, Prophaze helps ensure that cloud security is well executed and maintained.

To begin with, Prophaze offers a Cloud WAF that detects and blocks suspicious activity using behavioral-based threat detection algorithms. It can secure web applications without changing the existing infrastructure or sacrificing performance.

To understand the effectiveness of Prophaze cloud WAF protection one must note that it receives about a million requests every second, and the WAF constantly recognizes and blocks new possible threats.

Its features also include rule sets latency of fewer than 300 microseconds, security control for websites, applications, and APIs hosted on multiple cloud environments. In fact, the protection network shields internet assets across all cloud providers due to its versatility.

Prophaze runs natively within Kubernetes Virtual Private Clouds on AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. It also supports multi-tenancy, multi-cloud and hybrid architectures.

It is noteworthy that businesses usually put off ensuring they have a full disaster recovery plan in place, assuming that it may not occur, but it’s really important to have a plan that has been tested to guarantee it works. Recovering data is the priority of a backup and hence they must be tested before the actual incident occurs.

The numerous things that can cause data loss in businesses include storms, flooding, fire, equipment failure, or human error. Having a thorough disaster recovery plan can mitigate this and ensure your business is protected.

The crown jewel of Prophaze for cloud security is KubeWaf. Prophaze KubeWAF is an Enterprise Grade Kubernetes Web Application Firewall that is deployed as a microservice along with other components.

It works alongside a cloud load balancer and filters all the incoming traffic towards API services. It uses multiple attack detection algorithms to monitor all the incoming requests and will pass only legitimate requests to the microservice.

Prophaze also takes pride in being an Indian Company and its an approach also includes the first make in India Waf. Updated rules and signature database are a daily part of Prophaze KubeWaf. The product has also been supported by International Security Researchers and the clients even get access to dozens of premium signature databases.

Prophaze’s approach to cloud security is innovative and competitive as Prophaze even leverages the power of AI in order to defend against soAs more organizations are migrating to Kubernetes, they are most certainly exposing containerized applications to new security blind spots and attack surfaces that may compromise their entire IT systems.

The reason that Prophaze’s approach is unique is that the Prophaze firewall enables proactive defense and not just detection. It blocks cyberattacks, mitigates vulnerabilities, and shares threat intelligence to close gaps in your enterprise-wide security coverage with existing security products such as endpoint protection, SIEM, and SOAR. sophisticated and new attacks as well. AI firewall is the most effective way to defend from AI attacks.

Prophaze helps even the odds for security teams with an AI-powered autonomous firewall. The cloud is a new target for information technology (IT). It’s noticeable that there has been a grown enterprise adoption at an unprecedented speed.

Enterprise IT teams are migrating their workloads to a cloud infrastructure, developers are rapidly composing services through application program interfaces (APIs) and businesses are adopting cloud service applications.

Based on their needs, Enterprise cloud adoption varies. They are moving workloads or building applications on infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) clouds, platform-as-a-service (PaaS) clouds or, like almost all companies do, they consume certain business applications as software-as-a-service (SaaS). Understanding the context and risks when adopting these clouds is important so that they can appropriately apply the three-step approach.

Cloud has become the establishment that empowers organizations to change. Numerous organizations are presently centered around cloud-first methodologies as they direct their concentration toward moving the utilization of cloud benefits over the business.

40% of North American companies spend most of the new or extra subsidizing on the cloud, as indicated by an ongoing Gartner overview.

The biting edge engagement is firmly dependent on the utilization of cloud and virtualized arrange administrations. Presently, companies ought to communicate new security designs that help their application foundation and can fit in sync with the requirements of predictable support execution and business necessities. Prophaze in short helps in securing cloud data with ease and efficiency.

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